Popular Stock Trading Platforms in 2020

Have you ever thought about opening a stock trading account? Or perhaps you are looking for another platform to trade on? This blog is intended to compare and contrast three popular stock trading platforms.  I have had experience and currently use all three brokers : ETrade, Robinhood, and Webull. I first started on Robinhood backContinue reading “Popular Stock Trading Platforms in 2020”

My First Three Months Stock Trading: What Did I Learn?

Growing up as a sports bettor and spending countless hours partaking in fantasy football, I am a person who embodies the “high risk, high reward” philosophy. Draftkings.com and Bovada.lv were two websites that I often used to try and turn a quick profit. However, with the disappearance of sports in March due to the novelContinue reading “My First Three Months Stock Trading: What Did I Learn?”