10 Effective Ways To Manage Procrastination

Managing procrastination can be a challenging task, especially during a global pandemic.  Most of us have been stuck at-home, which has limited our ability to travel, go out to eat, hang out with friends, and even go to the gym.  A typical weekend consists of online shopping, playing video games, home improvement, browsing the internet,Continue reading “10 Effective Ways To Manage Procrastination”

2 Brain Chemicals That Dictate Your Mood

In today’s age, we literally have the world at our fingertips. We have the ability to search for answers to our homework, receive likes on pictures we post, even hit the snooze button on our phones to delay waking up for nine more minutes. These acts enlight instant gratification and addictive pleasure.  We also experienceContinue reading “2 Brain Chemicals That Dictate Your Mood”

Schools Need To Teach More Of These Subjects

~From U.S History to English Composition, you learn a lot in the classroom. Elementary school through college is essentially a period of constant learning. Even though school does teach you a ton of information, I feel four life subjects need to be emphasized more. If these four things are focused on, we have the potentialContinue reading “Schools Need To Teach More Of These Subjects”

Welcome To Wine Country!

~From its wonderful climate to its rolling hills, Virginia is a special place for wine lovers.~ History The Commonwealth of Virginia is widely known for all sorts of identities. It has been recognized as the birthplace of our nation, but also the main grounds of the bloody war waged to keep that nation intact. VirginiaContinue reading “Welcome To Wine Country!”

Flying On Delta and Frontier During COVID-19

Delta vs. Frontier How are these two airlines dealing with the coronavirus? I flew on the best and worst airlines during COVID-19, Frontier and Delta. The differences are as clear as day. Out of 10 airlines, Delta is ranked #1, Frontier is Ranked #9 – according to the points guy. Blocking the Middle Seat? BothContinue reading “Flying On Delta and Frontier During COVID-19”

Popular Stock Trading Platforms in 2020

Have you ever thought about opening a stock trading account? Or perhaps you are looking for another platform to trade on? This blog is intended to compare and contrast three popular stock trading platforms.  I have had experience and currently use all three brokers : ETrade, Robinhood, and Webull. I first started on Robinhood backContinue reading “Popular Stock Trading Platforms in 2020”

Stock Market Data for July 2020

Stock Market Data! I was thinking to myself a few days ago, what if I bought one share of each of the 100 biggest market caps on the stock market? Would my portfolio be “too diversified”? Would I make a profit? I decided to complete some research, and the data is worth sharing! The Study:Continue reading “Stock Market Data for July 2020”

Go Big or Go Home: Money making ideas!

Last week I put out an article that showed a few ways that could make you some extra money. This week’s blog is focused on ways that could put significantly more in your bank.  Say you have $500. One day you decide you want to turn that $500 into $1000. How can you do it?Continue reading “Go Big or Go Home: Money making ideas!”

EZ MONEY! From selling broken iPhones to listening to music for money, here are 6 ways to generate some extra capital.

First and foremost, I am not trying to sell you anything. In no way am I sponsoring any of these businesses. This is purely an informative list of some of the best services that can put a little extra money in your pocket risk free.  EcoATM: “Recycling your old phones, MP3 players, and tablets doesn’tContinue reading “EZ MONEY! From selling broken iPhones to listening to music for money, here are 6 ways to generate some extra capital.”

My First Three Months Stock Trading: What Did I Learn?

Growing up as a sports bettor and spending countless hours partaking in fantasy football, I am a person who embodies the “high risk, high reward” philosophy. Draftkings.com and Bovada.lv were two websites that I often used to try and turn a quick profit. However, with the disappearance of sports in March due to the novelContinue reading “My First Three Months Stock Trading: What Did I Learn?”