5 Mindset Shifts That Helped Elevate My Life After College

~Given the many young professionals in our world today, the phrase “mindset shift” has been revolutionized. You hear college students, recent grads, and even business innovators credit a mindset shift as the major driver towards their personal success.~ 

Brandon Moses
Brandon Moses

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As the phrase continues to grow, I would like to share 5 mindset shifts that I’ve gone through that I believe are important to understand as a Zillennial:

1. Time > Money

Old Mindset: Having a lot of money will make my life easier.

Mindset Shift: Having more time to do the things that I love will make my life more fulfilling.

When you look back 10 years from now, do you want to have a list of regrets? Or do you want to recount the endless memories that you have made? I prefer the latter.

Money is nice to have, but having time is priceless. Try to find that proper balance between work and your personal life. Go out and live up your weekends. Take chances. Start a blog. Get your dream body. Find your passion.

Whatever it is, don’t shy away from it! The time you have right now is nonrefundable and tomorrow is not guaranteed. 

 “When I die, I want to be remembered for the life I lived. Not the money I made.”

– Tim Bergling (Avicii)

In middle school I was always thinking about how much better high school would be. High school I was always thinking about how much more fun college would be. College I couldn’t wait for the day where I ditched the “ramen diet” and could live lavishly. 

Throughout these past years, I have been living a lifestyle of continuous fast forwarding. This is something that I regret doing now that I am out of college. I have found that living in the moment is extremely important. Recognizing this early in life is essential towards limiting regrets.

You may ask yourself, where do I start? I would suggest writing down a list.

Answer these questions… “What takes up most of your time?”. “What would you do if you were granted an extra day off of work or class each week?”. “How can you incorporate your hobbies into your daily schedule?” “What are your life values?”

**Comment below if you would like to know a few more I had in mind!

2. You Believe Your Own Excuses

Old Mindset: Making excuses won’t impact how I live my life.

Mindset Shift: Believing my own excuses will impact my lifestyle choices.

I am not saying you have cut out all of your excuses in life, that is an unrealistic goal. What I am saying is that you should become more self-aware of the excuses that you make.

I’m sure everybody has used “I’m busy tonight”, but in reality we just want to stay at home and watch Netflix. It’s human nature to make excuses.

“The moment you believe your own excuses, you fail.” 

Robert Kiyosaki

Ponder this: Do you recognize when you make an excuse? If so, do you believe them?

A major area of improvement in my life has been catching myself when I make an excuse. I have started to realize that being more truthful with myself and telling others how I really feel has lead to an elevated mindset. In addition, the number of excuses I make on a daily basis has drastically decreased.

Don’t lie to yourself. The lies will only pile up like credit card bills. Acknowledge and take care of them early! Once you do, you will have this “aha” moment, which really is just a greater understanding of how you think.

3. Ideas ≠ Innovation

Old Mindset: A good idea will change the world.

Mindset Shift: An idea is the first step towards discovering something great.

First off, I have to credit the book “The Innovator’s Spirit” for helping me realize the actual difference between ideas and innovation. An idea is simply thinking something unique. Innovation is solving a problem with that idea.

Just like a flower starts as a tiny seed and eventually blooms into a something magnificent, so do ideas. The water, sunlight, and soil can figuratively be the hard work and dedication you put in to reach your destination. With proper care, that flower will continue to grow, but with the wrong recipe, the flower will die.

I used to believe that an idea was the most important factor towards inventing something. In reality, you can have a thousand ideas, and still not be an innovator. Therefore, it is imperative to hone in on specific ideas you have in mind and grow them.

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

– Scott Belsky 

In total, don’t limit yourself. Strive to be specific. Focus on feedback from others and your own intuition before pursuing an idea that you are not willing to grow. Just because something appears to be easy, doesn’t mean it will be. Be spontaneous, but also deliberate. And remember, an idea is just the beginning!

4. The Rat Race Is Real And DANGEROUS

Old Mindset: I can’t wait to buy a new car when I get a raise.

Mindset Shift: I can use my hard-earned money to grow my future wealth.

I have never really considered myself a big spender, but when I received my first paycheck, I immediately thought of what it could buy. The new iPhone, a photography drone, a better car, a fancy laptop. All these materialistic goods circled around my head. I didn’t even question WHY I wanted these things. When I thought about it more, I realized I wanted these objects because our society is dominated by consumer sovereignty. We judge each other’s wealth by how lavish our cars, houses, and vacations are. This is basically the premise of the rat race.

I’ve written about the rat race in a few other of my blogs, however I’ve never wrote about the importance of escaping it.

The rat race is basically a continuous and endless pursuit of rewards. Just like how a rat runs around a wheel to try to reach a piece of cheese, our society does the same. The wheel can be viewed as the time you put in to accumulating money, and the cheese can be seen as the materials you decide to buy with it.

As your income increases, so does your spending. The process repeats until you can either no longer run on the wheel, or you decide to step off.

“The problem with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.”

– Lily Tomlin

Perpetual debt, short term gratification spending, and blaming society for your circumstances are just a few consequences from this race. Luckily this race is not permanent and is easily escapable with the right mindset and personal choices. I urge you to read more about the rat race and the dangers it presents in our world today.

If I were to leave you with one thing about the rat race it would be to question yourself before you buy something. “Do I really want this? Or would it just make me look cool?”. Of course you have the freedom to spend your money how you choose, but it never hurts to double check with yourself before purchasing on a whim.

5. Success Is Subjective

Old Mindset: Being rich and famous is the ultimate goal in life.

Mindset Shift: I determine what a successful life is and I will pursue a lifestyle that parallels that definition.

Just as “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, so is success. You define what success looks like; it’s as simple as that.

My definition of success is accomplishing all major personal goals in my life and ultimately reaching financial freedom. I don’t really care about driving a Bentley around NYC, or owning a mansion in Beverly Hills. It’s just not me.

“Your dream bank account balance could be someone else’s nightmare.”

– Mokokoma Mokhonana

One thing I urge everybody to do is to recognize other definitions of success. Question your friends and family on what success looks like to them. This will show that everybody has a different perspective and personal definition. This questioning activity provokes curiosity and facilitates a better understanding of how the people you surround yourself with view life. In addition, this activity will also help shape your definition of success, and push you to accomplishing your true goals in life.

One thing I like to stress is that even if you feel like you haven’t accomplished much in life, you should never consider yourself a failure. You will fail at many things but considering yourself a failure is the absolute worse thing. You are basically telling yourself that you can’t do anything to be successful. Which is very untrue. Do yourself a favor and push through your failures, you’ll thank yourself later.

Remember, don’t let another person’s definition of success define you!

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