Why I Started A Blogging Website

After graduating in May, I had never written a blog in my life. The most writing I had ever done was in college, formulating essays for Political Science seminars. Simply put, I never wrote for fun. However, after realizing how powerful writing can be, I decided to create my blogging website and begin my journey. Welcome to The Blogging Zoomer!

Brandon Moses
Brandon Moses

Investor. World Traveler. Blogger. Visionary.

Reasons why I started a blogging website –

1. Personal Branding:

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Personal branding can simply be defined as elevating your credibility and differentiating yourself from the rest. Oftentimes you hear people say “Build your own brand”. Why? Because originality is extremely important in our world today.

I did not want to be another number when being considered for jobs. I wanted to stand out. So I figured elevating my personal brand could help me accomplish that. After months of content writing and website development, I finally started getting my blog to where I felt comfortable sharing it. I can now label myself as the founder and creator of a niche blogging platform. 

Personal branding not only opens you up to more job opportunities, but also networking opportunities. I have interacted with numerous bloggers who have been writing for years. Their expertise is simply amazing! Learning and growing from them is a privilege that was made available to me by starting my own blog. 

2. Filling My Free Time:

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I’ve told this story a few times, but I’ll tell it again. Back in March, I spent most of my time watching tv and playing video games. Think of the popular shows on Netflix – I probably watched the majority of them. This was not a proper way of living my best life. Even though I was stuck in quarantine, I was determined to find an activity that I would be proud to work on each day. When I stumbled upon blogging, I saw it as an opportunity to grow my creativity and write about my past experiences.

I now try to spend the bulk of my free time writing, editing, and revising my website and blogs. This ensures productivity and allows me to work on something rather than wasting away my time. 

If you are a person who has limited free time, I would not recommend starting a blogging website right off the bat. Write a few articles when you have some time for yourself. This could be done on Medium, LinkedIn, or simply Google Docs. Once you complete this, you’ll get a better feel if you want to pursue creating your own website. 

3. Build SEO Knowledge

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What’s SEO? I asked this question back in November when I was working on a project with a classmate. Formally known as “Search Engine Optimization”, SEO basically is the act of improving your website’s ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. Building SEO knowledge is essential and highly demanded in today’s age, as everything is transitioning online There will be heightened competition, and therefore it is extremely beneficial to improve your SEO knowledge if you have your own business. 

Since creating and editing my website, I see how specific keywords and layouts help maximize my exposure. There are multiple things that go into Search Engine Optimization: readability, page speed, mobile friendliness, text length, alt attributes for images, credibility, backlinks, etc. It is very difficult to learn all of these in one day. It took me quite a while to get to the point where I feel comfortable with SEO (I’m still not even close to being an expert). However, I now know tips and tricks that allow me to gain the upper hand on select competition. 

4. Develop Writing Skills:

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Back in high school I used to dislike writing. As I stated before, I used to just write for grades, not for the enjoyment of it. As many of you know, in school you are often forced to write things you don’t want to. This often deters people from enjoying writing. I personally used to look at writing as a chore that I needed to do to get good grades. 

Fast forward a few years later, I pulled up Google and searched “best skills to build in your 20’s”. One of the first skills listed was writing. Even though I used to hate writing, I was immediately intrigued by the benefits writing can provide. In fact, “copywriting” or selling something through writing, is one of the most highly demanded skills in the market right now. Developing my creative writing skills has been one of the best decisions I have made, opening up the door to personal growth and success. Now instead of writing for an A-F, I am writing for fun. 

5. Share Ideas and Experiences With The World:

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I’m not really a person that likes to share, as I generally keep my ideas and goals to myself. “Let the results speak for itself” is often my mentality. However, sharing my blogs has facilitated quicker and more meaningful results. 

A piece of advice I have for Generation Z is to not be scared to share your thoughts and experiences. Inaction creates regret and stresses the mind. Go out and make your voice heard! If it’s blogging that’s great, start writing! If it’s something else, go for it! Don’t let doubt hold you back. 

Thanks to blogging, I personally feel I am not more comfortable sharing my opinions and thoughts with individuals I do not know. I think this is a great skill for individuals everywhere to develop. Having an open-mind while simultaneously being able to articulate my thoughts is something that I think more individuals should strive to achieve!

Summary For Zoomers:

Blogging is a great way to build your creative writing skills and SEO knowledge. In addition, you will spend your free time more wisely and share your expertise with the world. If that is something that you find attractive, then you should pursue a blogging website! Comment below or email me if you want to talk about specific details on creating a blogging website or writing articles.

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29 thoughts on “Why I Started A Blogging Website

  1. I appreciate this great article and I can relate! I’m not really one for sharing either but bogging has gotten me out of my comfort zone. I must say it feels good. I’m in the process of learning more about SEO at the moment.

  2. I find the name of your site a bit confusing though as a zoomer defines a subset of a generation; to which you are not old enough to be. I clicked on here because I am a zoomer and an avid blogger (with a 10 plus year history and 3 sites that I keep up to date) so I was intrigued by your name. As a personal brand it seems a bit “left field” so to speak. Just my thoughts from a zoomer blooger.

    1. Bernie, thanks for your comment. A “Zoomer” is defined as a member of generation Z. So those born between the years of 1995-2010. Therefore I do fit that age group. A lot of people confuse “Boomer” with “Zoomer”. Both are separate generations. Hopefully that clarifies things

  3. This was well written and very practical and constructive advice. I would strongly recommend you check out the late management guru, Peter Drucker’s, wonderful essay “Managing Oneself” originally published in the Harvard Business Review. I recommended it to my daughter and her fiancé a few years ago when they graduated from college and said it was the best article I ever sent to them (and I sent them many!). Blessings on your career and travels.

    1. For me personally, I think personal branding is important because it establishes credibility and shows you’re passionate about something. Those that run successful blogging websites have opened so many doors for themselves, like a social media following and engagement. In the future, I am looking to brand myself as a writer and marketer, so there is no better way to get started than to establish a blog. I hope that clarifies things a little! Of course branding is more of a personal thing, but you can shape it however you’d like 🙂

  4. I started blogging to keep myself busy during the quarantine and also share my thoughts with others. I’m also still new into this but I wish you the best! Happy blogging

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