Flying On Delta and Frontier During COVID-19

Delta vs. Frontier

How are these two airlines dealing with the coronavirus?

Written By: Brandon Moses
Written By: Brandon Moses

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I flew on the best and worst airlines during COVID-19, Frontier and Delta. The differences are as clear as day.

Out of 10 airlines, Delta is ranked #1, Frontier is Ranked #9 – according to the points guy.

Blocking the Middle Seat?

Both Frontier and Delta have blocked the middle seat. Unless you’re traveling with a party of 2+ people, a middle seat will not be assigned to you. 

Pro Tip: It is not worth paying extra for choosing your seat on either of these airlines. Unless you really prefer an aisle seat over the window (or vice versa), save the money for your destination. 

Mask Policy?

You are required to wear a mask when you are traveling with either of these airlines. Unless you’re drinking water or eating a snack, a facial covering MUST be worn at all times. 

The flight attendants will remind you to keep your face covered if you take it off to talk, sleep, or sneeze. On my Frontier flight to Vegas, a flight attendant had to make an announcement due to an argument with another passenger when boarding – “All passengers are required to keep their facemask on at all times. If you do not comply, you will be removed from the flight and reported to the FAA.” I made sure to keep my mask on at all times!

Pro Tip: Bring multiple masks. You do not want to drop/lose your mask in the airport and not be allowed to board. In adittion, make sure you are putting on your mask properly

Drink and Food Service?

Frontier did not serve anything, aside from water which you had to pay $2.95 for a bottle. Delta distributed “goody bags” to all passengers. Inside the bag: a mini water bottle, a bag of almonds, a pouch of pretzels, a disinfectant wipe, and a napkin. Delta flight attendants distributed the bags at a distance and with gloves on. 

Pro Tip: Eat before you board. This limits the germs being scattered throughout the cabin. In addition, you are not going to be able to order anything off of the menu. 


Fresh air was vented every three minutes throughout the cabin using High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestors. Each flight was disinfected and fully scrubbed down before boarding.

Delta handed out sanitation wipes when I boarded, Frontier did not. Every ten minutes, trash was collected.

Pro Tip: Bring your own sanitation wipes if you are paranoid about the germs on the flight. Another precaution you can take it to wear two masks simultaneously to ensure your nose and mouth are fully covered. Also, do not forget hand sanitizer! A durable fanny pack allowed me to carry all of this during my trip!

Safety Measures?

Delta boarded from the back of the plane to the front. Rows 30-35 boarded first, 25-29 second, 20-24 third, and so on. Frontier called passengers by boarding class. I personally loved how Delta completed the boarding process; it made it more efficient and less time consuming.  

Delta and Frontier both urged social distancing. However, a decent amount of passengers did not want to listen. People stood up immediately after the plane landed and crowded the walkway. Delta asked passengers to sit down until the row before them exited the flight, Frontier did not urge passengers to wait. 

Frontier tested all passengers’s temperature before boarding the flight. If you had a temperature above 100.6 degrees you would not be allowed to board. Delta did not check my temperature. 

Pro Tip: If you are in a rush to catch a connecting flight, alert one of the flight attendants. It makes it easier and safer for everyone on the flight. 

Summary for Zoomers:

In total, I felt that Delta did a great job altering their way of functioning during this pandemic. Frontier has some work to do, however I would still say they are taking safety precautions. I felt relatively safe on all four of my flights and would fly again if I needed to. Check the pro tips above to ensure safety.

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14 thoughts on “Flying On Delta and Frontier During COVID-19

  1. Thanks for the information. I guess different airlines have different rules. We flew down my daughter’s roommate from Boston on Spirit Airliners last month. She told me the flight was full. No empty seats. Thank you for sharing and following. Stay safe.

    1. For sure! Spirit doesn’t seem like it’s taking many precautions. I’m interested to see the data between airline infections in the future. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Great blog and a very helpful post. I’m a frequent flyer who hasn’t flown since March and was wondering what the experience was like now. Delta is doing a good job with safety but it would be nice if it also took the simple step of taking temperatures.

    1. Good question Jack, I’m not totally sure. I haven’t heard anything about them sanitizing the luggage, so I would recommend bringing disinfectant wipes if you do fly anywhere

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