One Second Every Day For A Year

~Day after day, I felt like I was wasting my time. Time was flying by and I was barely remembering it.~

Brandon Moses
Brandon Moses

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A few years back, I was sitting on my couch flipping through a list of tv channels. I was extremely bored and wanted to find something productive to do. I started to research ways on how to overcome boredom. 

A few hours after starting my research, I stumbled upon Cesar Kuriyma’s “One Second A Day” Ted Talk. During the video, Cesar explained that he was always busy and never had time for himself. After being inspired by a mentor, he decided to take a year off of work and travel around the United States. The goal was simple – take a one second video that encapsulated his day. 

I was instantly inspired by Cesar’s idea. I figured it was something that would push me to go out and do something with my day. Sitting on the couch and flipping through tv channels would not make an interesting video! I started the project on January 1, 2018, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. 

Three things I learned from completing one second every day for a year:

1. Appreciate every day. 

  • As Robin Sharma says, “A great life is nothing more than a series of well lived days strung together like a necklace of pearls.” A powerful quote that is 100% true. If you waste your days, you’ll live an unfilled life. It is as simple as that. 
  • Live each day to the fullest. Get up early, exercise, improve yourself, and find something that makes your day interesting. Even though not every day is going to be exciting, each day provides some sort of unique aspect to it that differs from the rest. Make the most out of each day and your life will be extraordinary!

2. Stop constantly using your phone.

  • You may question “don’t you have to use your phone for this project?”, the answer is yes. However, I’m not saying not to use your phone, I’m saying do not let your phone dictate your day. Use if for things that contribute to your overall happiness. Aside from work, a lot of us waste so much time on our phones going on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Stop spending so much time idolizing celebrities on these platforms. Rather go out and achieve your dreams! The only person that is holding you back is yourself. One you realize that, you’ll break away from the epidemic of digital dementia. 
  • Caesar Kuriyama pointed out that too many people in this day in age are using their phones constantly. For example, recording a whole concert or sporting event on their phone. People are living these events through the lens of a camera instead of their own eyes. If you take only a one second video of your favorite song at a concert, or an exciting part of a sporting event, it will trigger a ton of memories from that day when you watch it. And guess what? You’ll remember a heck of a lot more now you are not distracted by your phone. **I know a lot of people are not going to concerts right now, but it’s something to keep in mind once things start getting back to normal!

3. A video is much more powerful than a picture.

  • This one is a hot take, but I believe in it wholeheartedly. A video has a unique aspect to it where you can evaluate someone’s body language, hear background noises, or assess other qualities. Simply put, a video triggers a greater sense of memory than a picture does. I love the idea of “a picture a day” but I do not get the same satisfaction from a picture as I do for a video.
  • A video also enhances personal reflection. When I completed the project, I watched the video back over 20 times. I had a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. It was almost if my way of thinking about life changed. I realized I had become more adventurous, less bored, and overall remembered each and every day. I loved getting up each morning and asking myself “what’s going to be my one second today?”. 

Summary For Zoomers:

This project was personally super impactful to me. I learned a ton about myself and it made my life more interesting and memorable. I traveled to 11 countries in three different continents, saw some awesome sights, met genuine people, and made 2018 the best year of my life. This trend would be awesome to continue for many years! Remember to keep three things in mind: Appreciate every day, stop constantly using your phone, a video is more memorable than a photo.

Has anybody else done One Second Every Day?? Comment below!

I attached my one second a day video below, give it a watch if you’re interested! I decided to do it in reverse order to change things up a bit. Once again, I recommend everybody to take on this project. It may be hard at first, but if you can overcome the difficulties, you’ll have an amazing six minute video of your year to watch. Start now! (or whenever quarantine is over).

**In late August, I dropped my phone at a summer job and it shattered the front screen. Luckily I was still able to get the pictures off of my broken phone and upload them to my computer. The new phone I purchased had audio issues, which you can hear at the first few minutes of the video.

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