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Why I Started A Blogging Website

After graduating in May, I had never written a blog in my life. The most writing I had ever done was in college, formulating essays for Political Science seminars. Simply put, I never wrote for fun. However, after realizing how powerful writing can be, I decided to create my blogging website and begin my journey.Continue reading “Why I Started A Blogging Website”

Flying On Delta and Frontier During COVID-19

Delta vs. Frontier How are these two airlines dealing with the coronavirus? I flew on the best and worst airlines during COVID-19, Frontier and Delta. The differences are as clear as day. Out of 10 airlines, Delta is ranked #1, Frontier is Ranked #9 – according to the points guy. Blocking the Middle Seat? BothContinue reading “Flying On Delta and Frontier During COVID-19”

My African Safari Experience

~Looking over the picturesque landscape, I couldn’t help but smile. I was on my first African safari! As a kid, I had always loved observing animals. A dream of mine was finally coming true. Reminiscing~ Back in November 2018, I was able to travel to Akagera National Park. Sharing a border with Tanzania, Akagera isContinue reading “My African Safari Experience”

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