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10 Effective Ways To Manage Procrastination

Managing procrastination can be a challenging task, especially during a global pandemic.  Most of us have been stuck at-home, which has limited our ability to travel, go out to eat, hang out with friends, and even go to the gym.  A typical weekend consists of online shopping, playing video games, home improvement, browsing the internet,Continue reading “10 Effective Ways To Manage Procrastination”

2 Brain Chemicals That Dictate Your Mood

In today’s age, we literally have the world at our fingertips. We have the ability to search for answers to our homework, receive likes on pictures we post, even hit the snooze button on our phones to delay waking up for nine more minutes. These acts enlight instant gratification and addictive pleasure.  We also experienceContinue reading “2 Brain Chemicals That Dictate Your Mood”

Schools Need To Teach More Of These Subjects

~From U.S History to English Composition, you learn a lot in the classroom. Elementary school through college is essentially a period of constant learning. Even though school does teach you a ton of information, I feel four life subjects need to be emphasized more. If these four things are focused on, we have the potentialContinue reading “Schools Need To Teach More Of These Subjects”

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